torsdag den 30. juni 2011

Google plus

While setting up my Google+ profile, I rediscovered my Blogger blog, that I started almost two years ago with a single post, and did nothing with since then. Perhaps I will start contributing more regularly to the blog now, since it is linked to from my Google+ page.

I plan to migrate from Facebook to Google+, and it is not just because I work for Google that I plan to do it. Google+ offers an easy way to classify my contacts into circles, and share news and witticisms with just the appropriate audience. I've also tried "Hangouts", and enjoyed surfing some YouTube videos with my friends. Once more of my contacts have joined (invitations are working again now), I'll be able to do most of my online socializing through Google+.

The one thing I am scared of, though, is Google+ Sparks. I already spend too way much time surfing the web looking at only slightly interesting things about subjects that only slightly interest me. If I am offered very interesting links to subjects that strongly interest me, it will take over my life, I am afraid. Perhaps Google+ Sparks will need some sort of limiter, so that it will only offer you 10 or 20 interesting links a day.