tirsdag den 20. januar 2009

Hello from Cyberspace & the 21st Century

Sometimes the most hackneyed clichés exactly express what you want to say.  Having lost my academic website by moving to industry, I now need to establish a presence in cyberspace so people can find me and my information.

If you think "in cyberspace" is a dated phrase, feel free to suggest another.  I don't think that "infosphere", "blogosphere", "on the web", "virtual presence", "Internet presence", or "home page" are any less dated or short-lived.  All I mean is that I need a presence  in the current system by which people search for information.

So why Blogger?  I work for the company that owns it, Google.  So that is as good as any other reason.  If any friends want to suggest an alternative, I'm all ears.  After all, this is just the beginning of this site.

So, have you found the right William Hesse?  You can look at my profile information to find out, and I will put those identifiers that don't fit in the profile in a later post.

Guess what? The 21st century may have started today, Jan 20, 2009, at the inauguration of Barak Obama.  Maybe not; maybe Sep 11, 2001 will be seen as the start, or September/October 2008, or simply the decade-long shift from a world not based on the Internet to one that is based on the Internet.  Whichever it is, this is a 21st century blog, written by a 20th century man. 

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